About us

vcnAs a supplier VCN mass turning is specialized in the machining of various kinds of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass. Varieties which are difficult to machine are often no problem for our machines and specialists. The products vary from simple to complex with very accurate tolerances, intended for all imaginable applications. The accent lies on quantities starting from 1,000 pieces; however we can also offer competitive prices for smaller quantities of complex components.

Machining process
With the help of modern and stable machines, supported by computer programs, the product is almost always manufactured in one machine cycle, which is beneficial for both the quality and the price. These advanced and complex CNC machines operate by means of turning, polygon turning, milling, boring, drilling, tapping, broaching etc., bars of a maximum of 100mm Ø into semi-finished or finished goods. All machines are filled with the most modern cutting liquids, a condition for optimal machining and a perfect surface quality.

To clean the products, we have at our disposal a fully automatic cleaning line. All products are cleaned and degreased to a surface tension of at least 40 mN/m. The combination of cutting oil and perchloroethylene in this modern sealed (environmentally safe) installation guarantees a clean and grease-free product. To prevent stains and corrosion the products, after cleaning by employees wearing gloves, are prepared for shipment, which includes standard corrosion protective measures.

Accurate inspections during the production ensure a good product. After cleaning, a stringent final inspection takes place on the accumulating conveyors by the quality control department, which is a guarantee that products only leave our factory which satisfy the stated requirements. The operators and the quality control department make use of a very modernly equipped metrology room, with a great deal of measuring equipment and tools.

After the final inspection the products are packed according to your requirements. This can be, for example, in cardboard boxes, in our sealed KLT bins, with or without anticorrosive paper, it’s up to you. Stocks of products which are delivered periodically can be maintained in the warehouse. Delivery takes place free of charge to your address, at the time you require, with our own transport or with an external carrier.

For any finishing such as thermal deburring, quenching, grinding, honing, lapping, polishing, fitting, etc. and surface treatment such as anodizing, galvanizing, tinning, gilding, chrome plating, etc. we have a large number of selected suppliers available and we will gladly carry out these requirements for you.

Technical Department
The engineers in our technical department ensure that the machinery is in top class condition, which is a prerequisite for a good product. Because we know that a reliable delivery time is of overriding importance for you, we keep available reserve components or back-up units of all essential components within the production process. For that same reason we have made a conscious choice to purchase several examples of each type of machine, so that during an unexpected machine failure the production can be immediately transferred to another machine.

With a team of experienced and well trained employees we guarantee quality, for which no concessions are made with regard to quality. Our strong organization can be characterized as flexible, efficient and reliable, so that we can offer you high quality products for competitive prices. If we do business with each other, then you will experience that agreements made with us are strictly adhered to. In short, with VCN you can minimize your production problems and lower your cost price as a result.