Substantial investments in the entire production facility, replacement of outdated production machines and expansion to a total of 17 bar machines. The production now makes use of 2 ultramodern production lines, namely, 9x Index Speedline turning machines and 8x Tornos Deco bar turning machines. A central Mayfran unit filtering cutting liquids and automatic filling of the machines was put into operation. For the treatment of the large quantities of filings a new Mayfran unit has been installed, which reduces the loss of cutting liquids to a minimum.

Expansion of production with 2x Index C65 Speedline turning machines. A new fully automated cleaning line, a new metrology room, ventilation and cooling of the production area, relocation of the finished goods warehouse and a re-design of the raw materials warehouse.

Expansion of industrial premises to a floor area of 2650m². Company name changed to VCN mass turning, which has a more international ring to it.

Change of direction. Rejection of milling work and small series, from now on only larger series of complex turning work will be taken on. Disposal of a number of young machines which no longer fitted in with the new vision, purchase of a number of new bar machines. Machinery expanded to 12 bar machines in the following years.

Expansion of industrial premises to a floor area of 1900m². Substantial investments in machinery.

In May we moved into the current building on the Branderij, with a floor area of 1300m². In the ensuing years substantial investment was made in the replacement and modernization of the machinery, which mainly consisted of purchased used machines.

In February the first CNC turning machine was installed in a garage box of approx. 25m² in Grijpskerk in the province of Groningen. This space was very soon too small, whereupon in June we moved to a building of 360m² on Auwemalaan in Leek. In that same year the agricultural business was disposed of and we focused entirely on the delivery of turning and milling work and the company name was changed to the more appropriate name of Verspanings Centrum Noord.

Due to the strongly seasonal focus of the agricultural machinery market it was decided to broaden the base by supplying turning and milling work to third parties.

Establishment of the company in April by Mr. W. van Die, under the name of Van Die Construction, with as its main activity the design and (outsourced) manufacture of agricultural machinery. The production was outsourced to various companies.