The various production departments are very well balanced and strategically situated around the two production lines. This results in very well-organized production, a prerequisite for a perfect product. The walking distances are kept to a minimum and this also leads to very efficient production. Naturally this also benefits the price of your product.

Through very well thought-out and sophisticated installations, such as the automatic filling of all machines with cutting oil and a system for dealing with metal filings which VCN designed itself, a minimum of cutting oil is lost and the work floor remains clean.

Obviously the machinery is maintained in top condition by our own technical department. However, it can unfortunately never be excluded that somewhere along the line production stagnation occurs. To avoid delivery problems due to a stationary machine, the company policy is that critical components are kept in stock. We also have several identical examples of each type of production machine at our disposal, so that in the event of an emergency we can quickly transfer the production across to another machine.